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Tafii Childcare is a warm and welcoming environment, offering early child education opportunity to grow, learn and thrive through play.

Mission Statement

Tafii Childcare staff are unique, professional and a caring team. We are assured in our ability to promote every child’s ability in all aspects of their learning and development. The setting creates provision for child centric and stimulating environment that promotes learning through play and nurtures a positive self-esteem, confidence in every child, we understand that every child is unique.
Tafii creates a strong partnership with home and relevant agencies with the utmost consideration given to every child’s right to a caring, safe environment in which he/she can thrive and learn.

Our Vision

Tafii aims to provide excellent childcare services in the collaboration with parent’s, carers and relevant services, with a focus on the setting using “Environmentally Friendly” resources wherever possible.

About us

Excellent Early Child Education services from cradle to preschool

Professional daycare for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

Tafii Childcare has experienced, fun, and passionate staff who really care

Magical, fun and inspiring daycare allowing children to shine

Our Services

All Tafii Childcare staff are experienced early child education professionals who are passionate about their work. We create meaningful relationships with every child and share the joy of every child’s development with parents and carers. We recognise each child as a unique and talented individual, and we work closely with them to encourage and experience learning through play. We understand what it is to be a parent, and we know that parents and carers are reassured by not just the exceptional standard of care we provide, but by hearing about the magical moments of growth.

Babies and Toddlers


At Tafii Childcare, we know that a child’s first two years are vital for the development of the brain and language. Babies are lively and busy learners who continuously investigate things around them – the sights, sounds, and feel of the world. Toddlers and babies are sensory-motor human beings, who explore with their senses to develop their motor skills. Before they understand words with their minds, e.g., ‘run‘,‘under‘, ’off’, their bodies learn to adapt to and navigate the physical world. At Tafii Childcare, we provide babies with a safe environment filled with opportunities to explore the world enthusiastically. We appeal to all the senses, with toys, books, songs and more so they can naturally explore, and we can observe, listen, respond to and encourage their vocalisations and word formation.



At Tafii Childcare, we know that the preschool years are exciting and full of new challenges as this is usually the period when children’s imaginations run wild. As children move into the independence of the preschool years we provide a structured pace of meaningful and purposeful learning.  Children are encouraged for early child education to approach the world with curiosity and a keenness to learn more about it and how it works.

We aim to provide children with the confidence, skills and desire to think for themselves.

We explore problem-solving, encourage working with others, and promote listening skills, self-discipline and patience.

We prepare our children to be motivated to read confidently and to expand their vocabulary and language-deciphering skills through experiences that are meaningful to them. The knowledge and skills gained at Tafii Childcare will help the children as they progress into school.



Come and visit us at Tafii Childcare

86 Uvedale Crescent, New Addington,
Croydon, CR0 0BQ, UK



Come and check us out

Come and see our resourceful Early Child Education childcare centre. Our staff will be available to take you around our centre and answer your questions.  Prior booking is needed. Contact us by email at info@tafiichildcare.com or call us on 01689 842402.

Tafii Childcare Services is a childcare provider located in New Addington, Croydon and is a 10 minutes’ walk from New Addington Tram station and 4 minutes’ walk from King Henry’s Drive Homestead Way. We have been commended by families for our ability to look after children with exceptional naturally inspiring, exceptional care and education required for the early years.

Tafii Childcare staff are passionate and professional and have created a fun and exciting environment for little ones to grow and thrive in.

Tafii Childcare offers every child unique moments and opportunities to truly enrich a child’s development from 0-5 years.

Tafii Childcare offers exceptional childcare and early years education to children aged from 3 months up to 5 years.

Opening times

Open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm (with an optional start at 8:30 am and late finish at 6:30 pm). 

Open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm (with an optional start at 8:30 am and late finish at 6:30 pm). Tafii Childcare has ample outdoor space and large garden – it is the children’s pride and joy! The nursery is set in a semi-detached home. It has recently been fully refurbished with free parking spaces and off-street parking. Tafii Childcare has an exploratory garden with intuitive play areas filled with toys and learning resources. There is also a large buggy area for storing pushchairs. Tafii Childcare is a home away from home.